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Video live broadcast service is an audio and video live broadcast platform.

You can use, manage, and stream live video services through live video consoles, APIs, and SDKs, or integrate with your own apps and services.
At present, the main applications include e-commerce live broadcast, online education live broadcast, micro-movie, live broadcast of campus activities, live entertainment (such as vibrato, fast hands, etc.), corporate propaganda and news media.

Video conference system solutions to fit any space
From all-hands spaces and boardrooms to small huddle rooms, our cloud-based solutions bring high definition video conferencing and wireless presentation to all your meeting spaces.
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Wisdom education realizes the sharing of high-quality educational resources, enhances the interactivity of teaching, and various multimedia resources make it possible for students to study at anytime and anywhere.
Smart medical care diverts mild patients to basic-level hospitals, and through telemedicine and other teaching methods, it greatly improves the hospital‘s ability to study difficult and critical diseases.