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Wisdom education realizes the sharing of high-quality educational resources, enhances the interactivity of teaching, and various multimedia resources make it possible for students to study at anytime and anywhere.

Through the interactive realization of multi-party high-definition classrooms and the recording of famous courses, a series of scenarios such as high-quality education classrooms, lecture rooms, listening classrooms, recording classrooms, and virtual classrooms have been created.Apply video and intelligence to the education industry to realize resource sharing and efficient communication.
Smart medical care diverts mild patients to basic-level hospitals, and through telemedicine and other teaching methods, it greatly improves the hospital‘s ability to study difficult and critical diseases.

The deployment of medical consortia and telemedicine platforms has become a large starting point for the promotion of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Hospitals use 4K high-definition video conferencing and intelligent collaboration capabilities to achieve remote consultation, medical teaching,Remote monitoring, collaborative office and other scenarios.