Video conference system solutions to fit any space

Time:2019-09-02 Views:153

video conferencing solution for every meeting space


Small meeting room


Small meeting rooms are among the fastest-growing meeting room types today as businesses look to modern collaboration technologies to make better use of their office real estat, Small meeting rooms encourage spontaneous collaboration, and the technology in them should enable it. Easy installation and simple, plug-and-play functionality are critical. Also important: capturing everyone in the online meeting on screen while taking up minimal space in the room. The POLYVIEW 1X is designed to deliver effortless video conferencing for an unparalleled small meeting room experience.

Mid-size to large meeting rooms

Medium conference rooms come in many different sizes and shapes, but their purpose is always to enable relationship building through consistent, face-to-face conversations. A dedicated presentation screen, high-quality 20x zoom and audio engineered for greater voice pickup are essential for large meeting spaces. POLYVIE give you an unmatched 4K video conferencing experience, erasing distance, putting everyone into the same space and delivering a one of a kind user experience.

Large meeting room

Large meeting spaces like auditoriums, classrooms and multipurpose big rooms have so much collaborative potential. They yearn for a video conferencing solution but in a big, flexible way. Multiple AV inputs and outputs are necessary to connect multiple devices (cameras, laptops, DVRs, microphones, etc.). Integration with panel manufacturers and third-party integrated audio solutions — and a secure, rack-mountable design — are essential. The POLYVIEW Camera 20x and Phone HD offer all these capabilities to deliver high-quality video and unforgettable keynote experiences to big audiences.