Polyview video conferencing solution helps Changzhou’s Second People‘s Hospital on cancer science communication

Time:2019-08-14 Views:344
Background of the project:
Changzhou Second People‘s Hospital has a large number of academic exchanges and cooperation projects every year. In the actual cooperation and communication process, due to space and time distance, transportation costs and other restrictions, there are few opportunities for face-to-face communication, generally through telephone and mail communication, resulting in many academic exchanges, project cooperation is not ideal, the effect is greatly reduced.
In this regard, Changzhou Second People‘s Hospital is eager to find a solution that can cover video conferencing interactions in a variety of scenarios, so that academic exchanges and project cooperation discussions can be conducted anytime and anywhere.
Changzhou Second People‘s Hospital adopts Polyview video conferencing system terminal and deploys multi-point video conferencing system. As long as it can access the Internet, it can open video conferencing and solve the needs of remote video academic discussion and scientific research exchange.
This kind of cross-regional meeting can be held at any time in the discussion room inside the department, facilitating the timely discussion of difficult cases and promoting more academic exchanges. The director of the department said, "Commonly communicate with other hospitals, come up with good cases, good treatment ideas, others will recognize you, and transfer patients to you with confidence, this is also a way for the department to show itself."
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