The 4K era has arrived-More high-definition ultra-high definition cameras

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The 4K era has arrived
More high-definition ultra-high definition cameras are appearing in people‘s lives and work.
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With the speed up of the network and the expansion of 5G communication, the hardware problem that limits the development of 4K has been solved.
4K content needs are getting wider and wider.
This is an era where content is king, high quality content is inseparable from high quality image acquisition equipment.
The popularity of 4K PTZ cameras is beyond doubt.
4K Ultra HD has an unparalleled advantage over the current 1080P HD.
4K per frame is equivalent to the last 4* 1080P pictures
Under the same conditions, the clarity of view will be more delicate, wide, and more friendly to people.
Since 4K has so many benefits, how do you choose a 4K camera?
Let‘s take the video conferencing system and the radio and television shooting as an example:
1. Width of view.
Wide viewing angle, more image content collected from the same frame.
2. Optical zoom factor
Optical zoom is different from digital zoom. Optical zoom is used to capture distant images through the expansion and contraction of the lens. Digital zoom is achieved by zooming in on each pixel. This optical zoom does not lose image quality. Therefore, it is meaningful to discuss 
optical zoom.
3. Video frame rate
The frame rate refers to how many pictures are in each second. We all know that the video is composed of multiple static pictures, the frame rate is also high, and the smoother the picture seen by the human eye, during the process of switching the picture and moving the body of the goods. The picture is more delicate, and there will be no smear. It is recommended to select more than 30 frames, preferably up to 60 frames.
4. PTZ camera accuracy
The accuracy of the positioning of the PTZ camera is mainly determined by the motor that drives the camera to rotate. The high-precision motor can guarantee the accuracy to 0.1 degree or even lower. The quietness of the PTZ motor also directly brings the use of the camera. Comfort.
5. Image output interface
4K, because the amount of information contained is 4 times that of 1080P, the corresponding transmission medium, and transmission protocol need to be adjusted.
Take 1080P60FPS as an example.
1080P60FPS, you need HDMI1.4, 3G-SDI, USB3.0,
However, 4K60FPS, we recommend to choose HDMI2.0, 6G-SDI or 12G-SDI, high bandwidth USB3.0 or USB3.1 protocol TypeC interface.
Please note that you must choose high quality wire and output interface that meets the 4K standard, otherwise it will be like walking on a speed limit road.
6. Recommended models.
It is recommended to broadcast, live broadcast, or conference, etc., for more information pls visit:
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